A Sam sabbatical

After four years of medical school in the UK, I thought it was time to go home. However before returning to medical school, for the first time ever, I decided to take a break.

During the fall semester, following my sister’s advice, I took a proper break from medical school. I had a list of things I wanted to accomplish, now that I finally had the time. Here’s a snippet of them:

  1. Learn a new language (Spanish? German? Chinese?)
  2. Start writing my book
  3. Learn how to play a new instrument
  4. Learn to write with my left hand
  5. Exercise!
  6. Go back to drawing
  7. Go to therapy
  8. Learn how to program (start on my app!)
  9. Publish my article on Gliadel
  10. Get a job in a lab

But realistically? Here’s what happened to that list:

  1. I enrolled in Chinese online language classes but missed the first day so I had to drop out
  2. Word count: 0
  3. I improved on playing the piano?
  4. I went to the doctor to get help for my right hand
  5. I ran 15k in October, but have been sick from November all the way until now…
  6. Does colouring count?
  7. I joined a therapy group where we met once a week, I miss them!
  8. I’ve started learning how to program on Codecadamy.org and I’m almost finished with the Python course. After that, I should learn Java so I can start on my app!
  9. I’ve been on the discussion for about three months now….
  10. I worked as a healthcare teacher and music teacher

I’ve always been a planner, trying to plan my life to every detail. However, life doesn’t always turn out like you planned. Like above. If I did follow my original plan though, I wouldn’t have been able to improve on my piano from playing for my music classes, or teach my wonderful high school class about my world of medicine. Would I ever get another opportunity like this?

Sticking to a plan doesn’t leave room for other options. Who knows, those options may even be better. For now, it’s too early to say whether medical school in Sweden would treat me any better, but at least I now have the opportunity to find out. I’ll let you guys know in the summer.

So what have I been doing? A whole load of Netflix: Sherlock, Suits, White collar, Modern family, Master of None, Gossip girl. In other words, enjoying a well-deserved break.

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