Chicago Day 3: Downtown Chicago

I am and forever will be a city girl.

Being raised in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden and Scandinavia, I love the big city. However, sometimes I do feel that Stockholm isn’t big enough. Where are the big buildings? Where are the high rises?

I needed a quick-fix for my big city withdrawal since it’s been a while. I wanted to be surrounded by the hustle and the bustle again. At least right before I move to the small and relatively quiet city of Linköping. So then I thought, why not use my miles and visit Chicago?

There is something about getting lost in the concrete jungle, surrounded by buildings towering the skies. It makes one feel like a small fish in a big pond. A small fish, being part of something so much bigger than itself, just waiting to be discovered. It leaves me with the feeling of optimism and hope, that venturing into the big unknown will actually lead to great things. Which is the mindset I need before I start at my new medical school next week.

Chicago, with your tall buildings and actually extremely kind people, you are exactly what I needed. The bean reflecting the beauty of the buildings around it and the Willis tower to appreciate the view from above. You are amazing. And I promise to come back to you. Soon. Because I love you. ❤

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