7 typical American things I did in Chicago

After watching all those American TV shows and movies, the everyday American life was quite exciting for me. What better way to visit a country than to be like the locals right?

1. Stay in the suburbs


Here are my aunt and uncle plowing the snow and me not helping hehe… #suburblife

2. Overeat like a true American


The biggest buffet I’ve ever seen in my life.

3. Drive literally everywhere


Once my friend even drove us to the other side of the parking lot where my cousin’s car was parked. It’s true, everyone here has a car. And it’s a big deal to walk apparently. 

4. Make friends with strangers within minutes


Meet our new friend from the elevator up!

5. Shop at Walmart


They even have blood pressure machines!!! #excited

6. Eat at a drive-through


At Superdawgs you park your car by a machine and the staff come out to give you your food in the car! Nomnomnom

7. Shop like a true consumerist


Three days worth of shopping. I came at the best time aka, clearance of clearance time!

Topped with my accent, I think I blended in quite well. Hmm, maybe I could live here after all!

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