White coat first week-sary

It’s been a week since I’ve been back in a white coat. And it feels good.


Despite not having white coats as a part of our uniform in the UK, there has always been that association that white coat = authority. Even though I’ve worn white lab coats which are essentially the same thing as white coats in the hospital (the ones I used to wear at Karolinska when I did research there were the exact same ones as the hospital), somehow it’s not the same. There’s something different about wearing a white coat in a hospital and wearing one around a lab. I think it’s because this time, this white coat also represents my years of medical school, and the knowledge I’ve acquired along the way. Well, I hope my acquired knowledge is still there somewhere anyway.

During my first week, I have been placed in Radiology. Throughout the week we have been going through different radiological cases. In other words, it’s been quite a lot of relaxed office-ish type work, sitting in front of computers analysing photos. Fortunately, I was placed in a small group of four – rather intimate, giving us plenty of time for one-to-one teaching too. In my case as well, it has been easier to dare speak up during sessions and interact with my classmates. Less daunting. Luckily, they’re all super friendly and welcoming so that wasn’t a big issue anyway.

Soon I have been a Swedish medical student at Linköping for a month and I still haven’t regretted my decision. By the end of this week, I would’ve not only finished my first clinical placement, but also, this week I will also have my first choir rehearsals (yeah I know it’s pretty intense, we’re performing Carmina Burana at the Concert Hall this April so we have two choir practices this week and I’m sure more during the upcoming weeks!), my first proper night out in Linköping (again with the choir) and lastly, I will be starting my new research project. You know me, I can’t get enough of my research. I’ll be a cancer researcher once again!

Nevertheless, I can’t say it enough. It feels good to be back as a medical student – now in a white coat!


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