Making it in Linköping + #ootd

On Valentine’s day last week, I posted a photo from Gamla Linköping (Linköping Old Town), which caught the attention of the Linköping tourist agency, Visit Linköping.


But first, where is the water tower?

Naturally, I had to go find the water tower, and as I luckily live with two who have lived in Linköping their whole lives, I had guides!

On Thursday evening, we went on a hunt for a good vantage point, which involved climbing walls of parking lots… and later realising that you could walk around.

Nevertheless, we managed a photo! Or well, somewhat of a photo.

My camera and/or my photography skills are simply not good enough. You can somewhat make out that it’s this photo below and my Instagram username @fileea on the screen right?


Blouse: From an Italian boutique in Linköping, given to me by my landlady
Skirt: From Åhléns own brand I bought ages ago
Bag from London Fog
Boots from Bianco
Jacket from Nautica

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