Quand on est jeune on est libre

Tracy came over from Stockholm to visit this weekend and here’s a summary of our weekend in bullet-form:

  • Did a Bodypump group session at the gym
  • Pampering session with facials and massage
  • Possibly ate a greater amount of calories that we burnt at an Asian buffet
  • Shopping
  • Filipino super late Valentine’s party – Tracy’s first Filipino party ever
  • Witnessed our beautiful friend Marie’s coronation as Ms TFCCL of 2016
  • Spontaneous dinner at almost midnight
  • Our first night out ever at Harry’s
  • Sunday brunch
  • Gamla Linköping

As you can see, I’m all out. Not like my body isn’t in enough pain since our exercise session. I feel like a senior citizen who can barely walk or sit down. Nevertheless, it was worth it. The best weekend I’ve ever had in Linköping ever!

girlies red lipstick Call me Dr Sam

The girlies and I about to paint the town red with our matching lipsticks 😀

Despite being completely exhausted already at the debut of our weekend because of that insane group exercise session, I don’t get it but, we still managed to do so much anyway. We knew we needed to relax after exercise, so we immediately booked facials and massage straight after – thank you LetsDeal. Starving at the end of our pampering session, we proceeded for lunch buffet at Ginghis, which as many have told me earlier, have really good food. Whilst enduring a mixture of exhaustion and food coma, somehow we still managed to shop, and I still managed to decide and practice the song I would perform later on at the Filipino Valentine’s party. Good thing I did, since it turns out I had already forgotten the lyrics.



Since this was my first time experiencing the Filipino community in Linköping, I didn’t really know what to expect. Not gonna lie, I was worried what Tracy would think about my country’s culture after this party. However no matter what would’ve happened, Marie, our favourite contestant at this beauty pageant thing they had during the party made it unforgettable. As she went on stage several times to receive her awards and later to be crowned Ms TFCCL (The Filipino Christian Community in Linköping) 2016, we were her proud stand-in family members supporting her. We all had tears. They grow up so quickly.



Afterwards, we had a spontaneous dinner hosted by my amazing landlady Lena-Karin, followed by my first night out in Linköping, which also was Marianne’s first night out ever!  I was so excited to take her out and do her make-up hehe. We went to Harry’s, the place to be in Linköping apparently, and danced with two guys the entire night called David and Petter. We all had so much fun together, and at the end of the night, we just hugged each other goodbye and went our separate ways. If you guys know a David and Petter in Linköping and think it might be them, please tell them we love them. Please rap it too since apparently I was rapping all night and they nicknamed me the hiphoppare or “Hiphopper.” You can say Marianne’s first night out was a great success!

3 am shenanigans Call Me Dr Sam

Post-clubbing shenanigans, continuing the party all the way to bed hehe #tripletrouble

The next day of course, we had to start our day right. So we had an all girls Sunday brunch followed by a trip to Gamla Linköping. We had an hour (we were slow to start our day of course), and only managed to visit two places… but that just means we will be back! We visited the bank like last time I visited on Valentine’s (I just love the bank robbery story of 1854), and the man who works there delivers once again with his great stories. You guys should definitely visit!



When we came back from Gamla Linköping, it was then time for Tracy to return to Stockholm, and for us others to go to mass and prepare for the week.

It was an amazing one. Hope you all had a great weekend as well, and have an amazing week! 🙂

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