The Papal visit in Sweden

After five amazing days in Skåne, I’m back in Linköping. Now that I’m back, I have finally had the time to reflect about the amazing and historical experience I was so fortunate to be a part of. The chance to be able to see the Pope in your own country is already special as it is, but to be able to witness this in the context of the Catholic and Lutheran church taking its first step towards unity, now that is special beyond words. After 500 years of conflict.

However as many misconceptions lead, we are NOT celebrating the Reformation. The Reformation made a tear in the Christian family worldwide, where countless suffered as a consequence in the generations to come. A tragedy we do not forget, but commemorate this weekend. We remember and forgive all that has happened between the two churches, and focus on mending this tear. Rather than focusing on our differences, we focus on what unites the two churches together which is our common Love for Jesus Christ. And with Love, everything is possible.

I thank all those I met from the Swedish and Catholic church during the ecumenical youth meeting this weekend, and of course those who organised it. I hope to see you all again soon, and hope that we have more activities together in the future!

For the first time ever, my friends and I were put in focus because we are Catholic. For the first time, people have an interest in the way we act and think because of our faith. I’m happy to be able to for the first time share this in the media both at home and also around the world.

So amidst all the election frenzy and conflicts in the Middle East, here are a few TV shows I managed to be a part of from the past few days! 🙂

America Magazine:

Aftonbladet from 9:03 onwards:

SVT Aktuellt from 29:38 onwards: 


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