Applying to medical school in the UK

Although I decided not to continue my clinical years in Manchester University but instead finish them in Sweden (Linköping), I still believe that applying for medical school in the UK was the best decision I have ever made. During my UCAS days, I applied to Sheffield, King’s College London, Aberdeen and St Andrews. I was interviewed and accepted at Sheffield, Aberdeen and St Andrews. I eventually chose the medical program in St Andrews, which I still consider are still the best three years of my life.

I have been frequently asked about how I applied to medical school in the UK as a Swedish gymnasium graduate, so I decided to share the information with all of you here on my blog. I hope it’s useful!

As of now, I have written the guide in English, and perhaps I will translate it to Swedish in the future, time-permitting. If you have any questions, leave a comment or send me a message!

All university applications in the UK are through UCAS, which is the equivalent to our The application deadline for medical schools is October 15, for those wishing to start on the fall term the following year.  

UPDATE: As a result of Brexit, I do not know how this will affect its admittance of EU students to medical schools in the UK. I also do not know whether this will affect British medical graduates looking to work in the EU. We can only hope for the best but as for now, the process remains the same!

Part 1: Before the UCAS application

Part 2: The UCAS Application

Part 3: The medical school interview

Good luck!


Me on my graduation from my pre-clinical years at St Andrews with a BSc Medicine (Hons) in July 2014.

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