Timeless white #ootd

I’m pretty sure I’ve said it before but my landlady’s taste in interior design is just impeccable. Timeless, classy, and simply beautiful. I definitely need to keep dressing like this every time I chill in the living room. Not just if I have to read at church. This right here is one half of our living room, or, the “big room,” aka the dog’s play pen. Pretty fancy canine brothers of mine.

With such a beautiful home environment like this, how could I not concentrate on my medical school and PhD work?


On my way to/from the bus that takes me to Norrköping, there’s a shop called Frida which always has their reduced items by the door as a I walk past. That has successfully lured me in for sure. Numerous times. I have now been there three times in a week, and bought a total of 6 items, including the one I’m wearing. Today I had a hard time fighting the urge to go inside, which would make it my third day in a row. I am now a “VIP customer,” and I think all you ladies in Linköping reading this should be too. I definitely have a new favourite store!

lace top black skirt reading in the living room


Blouse from Vila (purchased in Frida)
Average white tank from H&M
Skirt from Doll, bought from a small boutique in Manchester
Earrings from Korea

Making it in Linköping + #ootd

On Valentine’s day last week, I posted a photo from Gamla Linköping (Linköping Old Town), which caught the attention of the Linköping tourist agency, Visit Linköping.


But first, where is the water tower?

Naturally, I had to go find the water tower, and as I luckily live with two who have lived in Linköping their whole lives, I had guides!

On Thursday evening, we went on a hunt for a good vantage point, which involved climbing walls of parking lots… and later realising that you could walk around.

Nevertheless, we managed a photo! Or well, somewhat of a photo.


My camera and/or my photography skills are simply not good enough. You can somewhat make out that it’s this photo below and my Instagram username @fileea on the screen right?



Blouse: From an Italian boutique in Linköping, given to me by my landlady
Skirt: From Åhléns own brand I bought ages ago
Bag from London Fog
Boots from Bianco
Jacket from Nautica

First day of school #ootd

First day of school, and I know how much first impressions count so… I tried my best with showing my best side I guess. Credits to Chicago for providing me the opportunity of buying amazing and amazingly affordable clothes.


Jacket from Nautica

Shirt from Sienna Sky

Blazer and skirt from Armani Exchange

Leggings from Anne Klein

Boots from Madden Girl

Bag from Coach

I know it sounds like I paid heckloads but put it this way, TJ Maxx/Ross etc., and Outlet shopping. They’re my new best friends.

To keep this up, I wonder what I should wear tomorrow?

Once I’ve fully settled in I’ll fill you in on my new life here!