Chicago Day 4: Retail therapy and reunions

When people asked me why I randomly decided to come to Chicago for five days, I tell them, to shop. And everything else of course.

As a request, I told my family that I wanted to shop on the later days, so that I’ll just use all my leftover money at the end for shopping. So we did.

My cousin took me to Chicago Premium Outlets (Aurora, IL) where we literally shopped for over 8h straight without taking breaks. No food breaks, no sitting breaks, just continuous shopping. Fitting shoes and clothes, shopping bags. It was heaven.

What made the day even better was that an old friend of mine who I met in Sweden two years ago came out to meet me there too! She was with my cousin and I during the entire shopping tour, and we all even bought matching Coach bags and Blackhawks shirts. Nicole is probably the only person who can top my energetic-ness, extreme positivity and talkative-ness. Which is why we made a direct bond since last time we met, and have continued to keep contact ever since! Isn’t it nice to have friends who you don’t meet for years and then when you see each other again, it’s like nothing has changed?

After all the shopping, despite our tired legs and sore arms (they’re still sore until now), my family took me out to experience the Chicago nightlife. We went to Mad River, where another old school friend met me up too! Two reunions in one day, it can’t get better than that. Or wait it can, because I bought a wristband for $20 which gave me unlimited drinks until midnight. #onlyinamerica

It was a great night, and with that I even got one of the best “getting-hit-on” stories I have ever had. And I will end this structurally challenged blog post with that story, before I board my plane back to Stockholm.

A guy by the bar who turned out to be a birthday boy and “from” my hometown Manila, Philippines (Filipino born and raised in Chicago) bought me a drink. I returned to my friends and before we left the club I thought to say goodbye to him and greet him a happy birthday.

Me: Hey I’m leaving now but I hope you have an amazing birthday!
Him: Before you leave can I give you something?
Me: Yeah okay what is it?
*he kisses me on the cheek*
Him: I think you’re really cute and I’m sorry but I’m new at this…
*he takes my hand and kisses it*
Him: But I hope you had a great night.

Isn’t he the most adorable guy ever? Why aren’t all guys like this?! 

It was not only a great night, but the best last night I could ever have in Chicago. I hope his birthday was a good one too. Once again the American friendliness never disappoints!

It was a great trip. I will miss all the friendly Americans I met, all so warm and welcoming. I will miss being greeted everywhere I go. Heck, I will even miss overeating like a true American. However most of all, I will miss my amazing family who I now met for the first time, and definitely not the last time. I know because I promised Lola (grandma in Filipino).

Until next time Chicago, you have been amazing. But first, time to go home and become a doctor!