Well look at me – I’m 23!

Life is too short to not celebrate birthdays. Even such a meaningless number like 23. Or well, now I can get inside Ugglan, woo! ūüėõ



As I rarely am in Stockholm/Sweden during my birthday as it’s in the summer, I usually celebrate my birthday abroad. However as my sister is turning the big number 25 on the 21st, we decided to celebrate it properly. So I decided to only have a short stay in the Philippines so I can be there for my sister. As I’d be here for my birthday, why not celebrate it?

Last time I celebrated my birthday was when I turned 18 five years ago. It was about time.

I had planned a pub crawl around my favourite themed bars in Stockholm. A friend from St Andrews had come all the way from the UK to visit, and my two little sisters from Link√∂ping had come to celebrate as well so I wanted to make the night out more interesting. Despite having planned everything with a pub crawl app and all, in the end we only managed to go to one bar… the Vampire Lounge. At least we managed to go out anyway – E for effort! We later ended the night at one of my favourite clubs Hornhuset and headed home.

After celebrating my birthday with my close friends, I felt blessed and grateful for the wonderful people I have around me. Friends who have stuck with me through the years and friends who I still maintain close with no matter the distance. I have definitely hit it big these past 23 years. I will cherish these friends I have, and hope to celebrate even more birthdays with them in the future.

Thank you life for being good to me, despite all the ups and downs. You have made one happy girl nevertheless! Until the next birthday ‚̧


Tallinn for a weekend, why not?

friends in Old City Tallinn Estonia city hall

Hello from the old city of Tallinn! ūüėÄ

I’m a very work hard play hard type of person. I take my work very seriously, and I take my breaks very seriously. So my friends and I wanted to go on a cruise from Stockholm to Tallinn for a weekend, why not?

I left Värnamo Friday morning to get to the ferry in the evening. Yes it takes about 5h to get to Stockholm. Afterwards, my friends and I were on the boat and had an amazing time from beginning to end.

Party. Friends. New friends. Brazilian acrobats. Some Tallinn. Some singing. Party.



It was an amazing weekend, but now time for my final week in primary care in V√§rnamo. Here’s for a well-deserved getaway – until next time but for now, time to work hard. Hope you all had an amazing weekend, and have an amazing week ahead!



Festivallen 2016

MedSex Levererar festivallen

Festival + kravall = Festivall

What is a “kravall” you may wonder?

Non-student proper definition: a riot
Student (Link√∂ping) definition: PARTY ūüėÄ

Last night, I went to my first kravall ever and initiated my medical student party tailcoat or l√§karfrack. Festivallen is a party¬†organised by the party committee of the medical school, mainly aimed its students¬†of course. So yeah, basically one could see students from every semester (there are 11 semesters hence 11 classes of over 100-ish students) at the party.¬†At a kravall,¬†you¬†wear your party student “uniform” or ovve¬†which is according to your study program. But since we’re medical students and are “a bit more special”, we wear tailcoats (frack)¬†and not overalls (hence the word ovve) like everyone else. At every kravall you go to you collect a badge which you then put on your ovve, to show everyone all the events you have been to of course. I officially have my first stamp! ūüėÄ


Before leaving to the pre-party and getting it dirty¬†for the first time, Link√∂ping medic represent! ūüėÄ


I borrowed my friend’s bike and overcame my fear of biking in a city. We started at a preparty at a friend’s house, where her roomie invited people from her class to – which happens to be my future class starting next semester. My future classmates are super friendly and welcoming, and I’m less scared of changing class once again. They even invited me to their upcoming klassittning (class party). It was nice to meet those I will graduate as a doctor with in two years! ūüôā

snapchat party drinks pregame Linköping läkarprogrammet festivallen

Can this snapchat photo be any darker?

We biked to the kravall¬†at the Link√∂ping main campus, Valla (not the hospital campus where we basically live!) where I unfortunately lost one of my bag’s wings on the way. We came in, and as my first ever¬†proper school-wide¬†student party in Link√∂ping ever, I was impressed. Everyone dressed in similar uniforms representing their study programs, and three different rooms with different music. And these rooms were BIG. I’d estimate about 700¬†students at the party. Amazing.

me writing on the facebook event page for Festivallen regarding my lost wing on my beibaobao bag

It’s the first time I used this bag and it already lost one wing… No one has replied on the Facebook event page regarding if they’ve found the other wing… So so sad ūüė¶

Kårallen Läkarprogrammet campus valla Linköpings universitet student life

My friend and classmate Laura and I at the biggest room of Kårallen! Yes I know this is also yet another super great dark photo.

At the end of the night, Thomas Stenstr√∂m the artist behind one of my major “missing Sweden super summer feelings” songs called “Sl√• mig h√•rt i ansiktet” performed. Breathtaking.



I woke up the next day at my friend’s place with a massive headache but with the realisation that oh my God I had such an amazingly good time last night. So who cares about the hangover. But now it’s time for¬†V√§rnamo.

It was a good weekend back in Link√∂ping but now my placement continues. Now I’m in V√§rnamo for primary care for the next two weeks. Wish me luck! ūüôā

Quand on est jeune on est libre

Tracy came over from Stockholm to visit this weekend and here’s a summary of our weekend in bullet-form:

  • Did a Bodypump group session at the gym
  • Pampering session with facials and massage
  • Possibly ate a greater amount of calories that we burnt at an Asian buffet
  • Shopping
  • Filipino super late Valentine’s party – Tracy’s first Filipino party ever
  • Witnessed our beautiful friend Marie’s coronation as Ms TFCCL of 2016
  • Spontaneous dinner at almost midnight
  • Our first night out ever at Harry’s
  • Sunday brunch
  • Gamla Link√∂ping

As you can see, I’m all out. Not like my body isn’t in enough pain since our exercise session. I feel like a senior citizen who can barely walk or sit down. Nevertheless, it was worth it. The best weekend I’ve ever had in Link√∂ping ever!

girlies red lipstick Call me Dr Sam

The girlies and I about to paint the town red with our matching lipsticks ūüėÄ

Despite being completely exhausted already at the debut of our weekend because of that insane group exercise session, I don’t get it but, we still managed to do so much anyway. We knew we needed to relax after exercise, so we immediately booked facials and massage straight after – thank you LetsDeal. Starving at the end of our pampering session, we proceeded for lunch buffet at Ginghis, which as many have told me earlier, have really good food. Whilst enduring a mixture of exhaustion and food coma, somehow we still managed to shop, and I still managed to decide and practice the song I would perform later on at the Filipino Valentine’s party. Good thing I did, since it turns out I had already forgotten the lyrics.



Since this was my first time experiencing the Filipino community in Link√∂ping, I didn’t really know what to expect. Not gonna lie, I was worried what Tracy would think about my country’s culture after this party. However no matter what would’ve happened, Marie, our favourite contestant at this beauty pageant thing they had during the party made it unforgettable. As she went on stage several times to receive her awards and later to be crowned Ms TFCCL (The Filipino Christian Community in Link√∂ping) 2016, we were her proud stand-in family members supporting her. We all had tears. They grow up so quickly.



Afterwards, we had a spontaneous dinner hosted by my amazing landlady Lena-Karin, followed by my first night out in Link√∂ping, which also was Marianne’s first night out ever!  I was so excited to take her out and do her make-up hehe. We went to Harry’s, the place to be in Link√∂ping apparently, and danced with two guys the entire night called David and Petter. We all had so much fun together, and at the end of the night, we just hugged each other goodbye and went our separate ways. If you guys know a David and Petter in Link√∂ping and think it might be them, please tell them we love them. Please rap it too since apparently I was rapping all night and they nicknamed me the hiphoppare or “Hiphopper.” You can say Marianne’s first night out was a great success!

3 am shenanigans Call Me Dr Sam

Post-clubbing shenanigans, continuing the party all the way to bed hehe #tripletrouble

The next day of course, we had to start our day right. So we had an all girls Sunday brunch followed by a trip to Gamla Link√∂ping. We had an hour (we were slow to start our day of course), and only managed to visit two places… but that just means we will be back! We visited the bank like last time I visited on Valentine’s (I just love the bank robbery story of 1854), and the man who works there delivers once again with his great stories. You guys should definitely visit!



When we came back from Gamla Linköping, it was then time for Tracy to return to Stockholm, and for us others to go to mass and prepare for the week.

It was an amazing one. Hope you all had a great weekend as well, and have an amazing week! ūüôā