10 Typical Chicago places I visited in Chicago

It has been just over a week now but I am still having my Chicago withdrawal.

I was very fortunate to have my loving family take me to the “typical Chicago” places to go to, and act like a local. Except for the part when I need to ask the cashier to tell me if I have given them enough change since I didn’t know how much a dime was worth… Apart from that, I totally blended in!

Here are some places my family took me to which I definitely think people should visit when going to Chicago.

1. The Field Museum


I thought it was pretty timely that I had watched Jurassic Park on the plane the day before… Definitely bringing my future kids here, with the hope of sparking an interest in science in them! Yes, I thought that far ahead.

2. The Shedd Aquarium


Have you ever felt a sturgeon? Have you ever petted a sturgeon? Nope didn’t think so. That’s why you need to go. And also to see their amazing collection of species of course!

3. Portillo’s


Their Italien Beef sandwich is to die for. Who knew a soggy sandwich could be so delicious! Also, the meatiest sandwich I have ever eaten. Just writing about it makes my mouth water…

4. The Bahá’í House of Worship


I had never encountered the religion before, but now I know that not only do they have a beautiful building, they also have beautiful messages that they share to the world. So beautiful I even wrote a blog post about it!

5. Cloud Gate aka “The Bean”


If I was taller then I could look like I had the Bean with the reflection of the city of Chicago as a beanie… but unfortunately I was unlucky at the genetic lottery. Nevertheless, I love this bean, I find it quite adorable hehe. Definitely my favourite symbol of Chicago – isn’t it the most famous symbol of Chicago too?

6. Milennium Park


The Bean is a part of Milennium Park, but for tourists like me, we might not know that. If my cousin didn’t tell me to walk on the Milennium Bridge I wouldn’t have seen the figure 8 ice skating rink. The first figure 8 ice skating rink I’ve ever seen actually. So if you’re by taking photos by the Bean, don’t forget to continue to see the rest of the park too!

7. Pequod Pizzeria IMG_0459

Everyone knows that in Chicago, one must eat a deep dish pizza. Apparently, one of the best deep dish pizzas out there are made by the small family-run restaurant called Pequod Pizzeria. Frequently receiving awards and highly rated on TripAdvisor, what could go wrong? Also, you only need one, max two slices to be full… Yum!

8. Superdawgs


Coming from Europe where drive-thrus are not as popular as in Europe, visiting a restaurant which builds on the concept of eating in your car was quite exciting. You park your car by a machine, order, wait until the waiter/waitress gives you your food in your car and then finally eat/or drive away with your food! However not only was the concept exciting, the food was pretty good too. Delicious Chicago hotdogs – with no ketchup or mustard. Apparently it’s a crime to put some on.

9. Chicago Premium Outlets at Aurora


As I love shopping, especially if it’s good quality branded stuff at cheap prices, this place was like Disneyland for me. Here we are after over 6h of shopping at Armani Exchange. As you can see, I was still going strong. If you guys are wondering, I’m trying an entire outfit (blazer, skirt and shirt) for under $100! I ended up buying the skirt and the blazer. I know, that place was amazing. 

10. Skydeck Chicago at Willis Tower


And of course the famous Skydeck at Willis Tower. I’m normally scared of heights but for this amazing view of this amazing city, it wasn’t hard getting over it. ❤


Chicago until we meet again! Did I miss any sights? If so, where do you think I should go next time I’m in Chicago? 🙂

Chicago Day 1: Dinosaurs and fish

Today was Martin Luthor King day, which also happened to be Free day on museums. What better day to visit than today? Well, if you disregard the cold and the swarms of people everywhere. Nevertheless, what better way of celebrating Martin Luthor King than through education!

To start my authentic Chicago adventure, my family decided to take me to the famous Chicago museums at museum campus via train. After a few stations, we hear a woman from the other wagon run up to the driver sternly telling him about what seemed like a medical emergency. The driver goes out, then returns talking on his walkie-talkie continuing the train ride without saying a word.

Half an hour later, the train stops again. We hear some screaming on the platform. We hear the driver announce that we are put to a halt because of a police emergency (what seemed to be was drug dealing). After his announcement though, the people around me returned to reading their newspapers, and looking at their phones, completely indifferent. I on the other hand was on the edge of my chair, waiting for updates in excitement. I guess you could tell I was definitely a tourist. Eventually the emergency was over, and the train continued. When we finally got to our destination, my cousin said: “After all my years of taking the train whilst growing up here, I’ve never had a more exciting train ride.” Well, the same goes for me too, that’s for sure.

When we finally got to museum campus, we continued our plan of visiting the Field museum and its awesome dinosaurs and then the Shedd aquarium to see their amazing collection of species – I even got to pet a sturgeon! Both museums were absolutely amazing. After that, we went back home, pretty tired from our day of museum-ing.

But my Chicago adventure didn’t stop there. My cousin let me try the famous Portillo’s Italian beef and cheese fries (which was incredibly delish by the way), and took me to WALMART! I know I shouldn’t be too excited but… WALMART! A 24h WALMART!

I finally did it. I finally visited one. In an area not incredibly fancy with people passing for being part of the PeopleOfWalmart.com. At 10pm in the evening. My days of wondering how a Walmart was like from all the TV series and movies are over. And so is my pocket money budget of buying random things.

My Chicago trip is off to a great start!


You may think it’s sunny and warm, but no man it’s -16°C and I’m freezing my butt off while taking these selfies…